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How did Empire CLS start within limo business?

Empire CLS today is a limo company headquartered in New Jersey under the holding company GTS Holdings Inc. GTS Holdings was created in February 2005, when equity investment partners purchased CLS Transportation and merged Empire Transport services under a single company Empire CLS.

The term CLS was attached to Empire, creating Empire CLS to safeguard the CLS brand name. The CLS brand name was reputable brand among Hollywood, 5-star properties and private chartered centers, brokers, FBO’s and affluent corporate executives. Charlie Horky started CLS back in 1981 with a single black stretch limousine in Beverly Hills Hollywood. Charles grew the modern-day Empire CLS from transporting Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, and the entire Hollywood entourage. Even throughout the 1990’s CLS aka Empire CLS continued to grow themselves into newer cities.


                Charlie Horky opened a branch in San Francisco, CLS branch in Brooklyn New York, a CLS branch office in Vail Colorado. Mr. Horky was savvy businessman, entrepreneur and a charming salesman who even opened up an office in Las Vegas Nevada. The CLS brand truly became an empire under Charlie Horky, so big that managing it all became a challenge to personal life and liberty. CLS used to subcontract trips out trip to Empire Transport services in New Jersey. Empire was founded by David Seelinger around the early 1980’s. Slowly, the idea came to surface about merging CLS with Empire, and yet Charlie would still operate his Las Vegas Branch independently.

                Mr. David Seelinger managed the CLS brands well, so the board decided to keep him running the CLS brand in New Jersey and Los Angeles. Empire continued to grow with new technology, new travel agencies and a new booking platform known as Be Transported. Be Transported was a booking reservation management system created under David Seelinger exclusively for Empire. Even with the Corona Virus lockdown, David Seelinger implemented plans to survive the industry.

                In 2023, Praesidian Capital has invested 10 million of senior secured debt into CLS. Praesidian Capital. This investment allowed Empire to add newer vehicles, upgraded buildings, and remarket itself into newer opportunities as group and bus travel networks.

                Charlie Horky closed Las Vegas CLS due to some financial hardships. However, Charlie Horky has married and lives a healthy stressless life. Charlie Horky operates a limo service known as SLADE.

                The legendary CLS built by the legendary Charlie Horky and continued growth with David Seelinger.

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