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Little Italy has changed into a piazza-inspired setting with a ton of outdoor cafés and pizzerias, similar to the great new street eating for dim sum and dumplings in Chinatown.
Nearly as though you were in Rome!

The famous Mulberry Street, which runs from Broome to Hester St., is restricted to vehicular traffic on weekends as part of the Little Italy Merchants Association’s Open Restaurants program. Restaurants are permitted to set up tables and chairs in the midst of the old streets on Fridays from 5 to 11 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 11 p.m.

Pizza and pasta are available here under the stars, making this the closest thing to being in Italy right now.

Here are some of the top eateries there that are currently offering outside dining if you’re wondering where to eat:

Mulberry Street: 176 Mulberry St.
Just recently did this 129-year-old bakery and coffee establishment reopen following the pandemic!

Pizza and pasta are available here under the stars, making this the closest

Aunt Jake’s: 133 Mulberry St.

Enjoy handmade pastas, fresh cheeses, and decadent ice cream sundaes.

Umbertos Clam House: 132 Mulberry St.

This Little Italy mainstay for over 40 years specializes in fresh seafood, especially, you guessed it, clams!

Gelso & Grand: 186 Grand St.

Channeling Mulberry’s marketplace history, Gelso & Grand is reinventing Little Italy by sourcing local produce and hand rolling all of their pastas in-house.

Da Nico: 164 Mulberry St.

Try designing your own perfect pizza at this classic comfort food joint. They also have a back garden dining option