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We all are wondering how Cadillac, or Ford, or Chevrolet manufacture limo truck? This article will discuss the process of limo truck. First, the manufacturers such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, or Infinity do not make any stretched limousines. These limo trucks are made by coach builders who alter the trucks to make the limo truck. So here are the steps how a limo truck is made.

The prospective buyer of a limo truck contacts the coach builder for the desired limo truck. In the initial meeting, the coach builder identifies the buyers desired truck for conversion. The coach builder will also identify the length of the conversion. Limo trucks can be converted to 120inches all the way up to 200inches and beyond. The cost of a longer limousine will be more compared to the conventional 120inch stretched limo truck. Trucks which are cut up and extended beyond 120inch will require beefier suspension and braking upgrades. The coach builder and prospective buyer will also identify type of seating, stitch type, leather or vinyl, electrical control types and total ice bars. The bars can be fabricated from wood or acrylic and many components such as partition can be made from wood, acrylic or a hybrid partition. Once they have agreed to the interior, exterior color and length of the limo truck, the coach builder will provide an estimated quote for this conversion.

From concept to design to build comes in many steps. The design is set up, and all the component builders come to a meeting where the limo truck build is discussed. From the meeting, the actual limo truck build goes into the build. The building begins with disassembly, cutting, measuring beams, cutting, welding and assembly of the shell.


The truck interior is removed, some windows glass ids removed, drive shafts are disconnected from axle. The truck is then cut with a blade from end to end on a stretcher. Once the truck is cut into 2 pieces, the rear piece is stretched to rear. The frame beams are now cut and welded in between the the existing frame rail and welded in place. While the limo truck beams are being welded, the crew has to keep ensure the vehicle is as straight as possible. After the shell is put together, the suspension and brake systems are upgraded as to the length of stretching. Once the shell suspension is completed, the center panel is matched to the body contour lines and placed in between the cut. This center panel can be flat or even have jet doors. Once the shell of truck is completed with suspension, the limo truck is now going be wired by an electrician.

The electrician will wire up the limo, extending the electric harness and wire up the partition, rear air conditioner unit, rear television and neon lighting. The extra power draw usually also requires and extra battery and an upgraded alternator system. The key to a good limo truck is a talented electrician working on the limo build. Additionally, the electrician can create a diagram for the buyer, so the schematic layout is available for future repairs and upgrades. Once the electrical work is completed, seat frames are welded in. The Body of limousine is ready for the paint booth.

Since the limo was cut up, the center panels are all new including any new jet doors. The shop will mask and tape the truck and prime and paint the new panels. After the limo truck is painted, the newly painted panels will be wet sanded from 800 grit sand all the way to 5000 grits for ultimate shine.

The limousine is returned for interior installation and trim completion. While the seats are usually made by upholstery crew, and the seat frame is welded by the welding team. They work closely, mounting the seats onto the seat frames.

The limo truck build can take up to 4-6 months from order to completion.

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