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Ronni the limo driver is not a representation of a professional limo driver, but rather he is a profane, tattooed guy from Queens. Ronnie the limo driver first began driving for Howard Stern in 1986, when he was hired to take the shock jock to Connecticut for a meeting. It was supposed to be a one-off gig, but Stern liked his profanity and Ronnie the limo driver as a full-time driver. Occasionally Ronnie the limo driver would come on air to make prank calls and annoy people. Over the decades, Ronnie the limo driver has grown into something of a cult figure with fans, he says, including Bradley Cooper, Jason Statham and Larry David. Last summer, he drove the pace car at a NASCAR race.

“He’s a superstar and an everyman who doesn’t hold back,” says Howard Stern. Jason Kaplan says, “People love that. What other limo driver gets paid to emcee strip-club openings?” Professional limo drivers and chauffeurs rarely become part of the entertainment and on radio like Ronnie the Limo Driver.

Recently, Howard Stern used Ronnie the Limo driver old images patching up with Back Street boys in an attempt to annoy the band. This was creating a nearly life-size cardboard replica of the side burned, soul-patched, mustachioed Ronnie the limo driver. A cross between Flat Stanley and your embarrassing uncle, it has popped up everywhere from a WWE match to a Backstreet Boys photo shoot.” That was weird,” says Ronnie the limo driver.” I got messages from girls who thought I had joined the band.”

On a show where humor derives from contentiousness, Ronnie the limo driver comes across as the unfiltered, untrained on-air equivalent of a hockey enforcer. He takes his lumps, as long as he can inflict damage on others. When the creator of an app that judges’ attractiveness revealed Ronnie the limo driver’s rating to be 0.0, the driver exploded in anger.

“I was legitimately pissed off,” he says. “It was not an act. It’s never an act.

Ronnie the Limo driver is surely not your professional chauffeur or limo driver, but rather more of a part time radio jock gig. Does Ronnie the limo driver have the expertise in 2023 to get Howard Stern home back to Long Island today? Once again, Ronnie the limo driver is not a full time chauffeur for Howard Stern and in todays day, with advancements in helicopter flight services, it si very likely that Ronnie the Limo driver is not driving on congested Long Island Expressway to transport Mr Howard Stern.

Those individuals pursuing a limo driver position can expect that the glamour and stories Ronnie the Limo driver may share may not be any true. Professional clients prefer discreet chauffeurs, and will not ask their limo driver to drive to Hustlers strip club and enjoy the drinks. Ronnie the limo driver’s world is not anything what a limo driver will experience. Ronnie the Limo driver is more of an entertainment, extra gig for the talk show host Howard Stern.

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